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Sonder is an artist collective and event organization, founded in 2017. The collective came together with a sole purpose to carry on electronic music culture and to introduce new sounds to NYC and surrounding areas, driving away from popular trends and phases. Our family of unique artists share a passion for the classic and modern eras of House & Techno music, fashion, photography, and art in all its forms. Our event series, Sonder Presents, serves as a platform to invite & introduce quality international acts as well as provide a great atmosphere to partygoers all over the city, encouraging each attendee to connect with one another and create new memories to add into their life’s storybook. We believe that every person on the dancefloor around the world has a story to share with one another, putting emphasis on our brand’s name, Sonder. Our goal is to expand our party series brand to other parts of the world in addition to establishing a record label imprint of our own.

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