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⤑ In 2016 you started your own label, Salty Nuts. How did the name come about, and can you talk about some of the challenges you face when creating a label?

During that time in 2016 I had a lot of own productions in progress and I didn't know where to release it so I decided to launch my own label just to have the chance to release music of mine whenever I want to. It came all very spontaneous. And the Name too. I love Nuts. They are a great protein source. Basic but always the right portion of energy. And that‘s actually the same idea I have with the tracks I’m releasing on Salty Nuts. A nice groovy loop. All the rest is make up:)

⤑ You are currently a resident of the Mannheim based collective, BE9. Can you tell us about BE9 and what your mission as a creative network is and a little about what you guys do? What inspired the birth of BE9?

Many of my crew decided to launch a label within the same time period and I recognized that many residents of the clubs I’ve been invented to play had all those records in their bags but they didn‘t even know that these labels & artists are all coming from Mannheim and they didn‘t know that they are all from the same community. And this is where the idea came from building an umbrella for all those labels and artists to show the people what‘s going on in our neighborhood. But be9 is not only a fusion of labels and artists, it‘s maybe even more about friendship and having a good time together. The community rented a house a couple of years ago where we often spend time together. We have a little built in private club, couple of studios a nice terrace and a garden where now often people meet to play table tennis tournaments. It‘s like a little techno commune where always something is happening. It‘s not only music. Building new furniture or taking care of the plants or just watching soccer together is all part of be9.


⤑ You say your style is inspired by 90s hip hop. Who are some of your favorite Hip Hop artists that helped influence your sound?

Guru, DJ Premier, J Dilla, Nas, Big L, Wu Tang... just to name a few who are still inspiring me. And of course all the graffiti artists of the early days are inspiring myself. Dondi White and Lee for example are probably still having a lot impact on the things I’m doing right now.


⤑ If you could pick 3 favorite venues that you’ve played in, what would they be and why?

 DC 10, Ibiza, cause it‘s DC 10. Robert Johnson cause it‘s the best Soundsystem and probably the best club in Europe and Parker Lewis cause it was our home.

⤑ Who are some rising artists/producers who have caught your attention recently?

I‘m checking out a lot of new artist and there are a lot of good ones. But it‘s still not easy to find originals who are really doing their very own thing like Sweely for example. This happens less. There is often one sound shared by a couple of artists. But this is ok too!

⤑ As an artist who frequently travels around the globe, you’ve probably had the chance to visit some of the world’s best record stores. Can you name a few favorites?

My favorite record store is Bikini Waxx in Berlin. The store is very compact and you can‘t get lost. It‘s often very good pre- selected but it‘s also comfortable to dig by yourself. I always find something over there. Human Head in New York is also really fun to dig at. In Europe the US stuff, which you can find over there is often very rare. Yes, these two are probably my favs.

⤑ What are some of your most essential pieces of studio gear in your current set up?

The Elektron Analog RYTM is still the heart of all my production. I‘m using it since 2014. couple of weeks ago I got the new MPC live. And this is an impressive piece of gear too. For now, it‘s my main- sequencer next to the RYTM and the OPZ from teenage engineering which is also a secret weapon in my opinion.

⤑ Where’s a place in the world that you have yet to go, but is at the top of your list of places you’d like to visit?

There are probably a lot more beautiful places i never been to. But honestly i don‘t think that often about where to go next and where i would love to go. I just let it happen. For me it‘s more about making people and myself happy with music. Sounds basic but this is how it goes for me.

⤑ Can you give some pointers and tips to up and coming artists who are looking to sign to their dream label and take their productions and careers to the next level?

Like I already mentioned, get inspiration from others but don‘t overthink their way of making music. Just enjoy music or other things and source your own thing out of all this. Just do your thing. That‘s how you will build your own identity and that‘s what‘s probably sounds interesting to labels & A&Rs. There is always just one original. Keep this in mind and be patient with yourself and with what you are doing. Like with everything else you can‘t be a pro from one day to the other. Making house or other popular music needs some experiences in life, next to the technical know-how in my opinion.

⤑ What can we expect from you for the remainder of 2020 and beyond?

It‘s maybe the first time I’m announcing this, but I’m going to release my second album. This time on Fuse London. And a couple of remixes like that one for Oden & Fatzo on Salty Nuts or another one for Leon on Moan are coming out very soon.

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