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Q & A WITH Blas Cordero

⤑ You played your first DJ gig in 2017 at TBA Brooklyn. How has your journey as an artist been since then?

Yes, TBA was my first official gig (thanks to Nick) and also was my first time playing on cdjs ever. Really special moment for me as I was surrounded and supported by my good friends.  The journey has been interesting to say the least since then. I have been grateful for every second of it and looking forward to what the future has to offer.

⤑ Tell us about your most memorable gig. What separates this one from all the others?

Yes, I moved to Miami about a year ago now and it has been great so far. First thing that attracted me to Miami was the weather, and second was meeting my girlfriend, she was already living in Miami, which made the move easier. The last reason I decided to relocate was when I started to notice the New York nightlife slowly changing and wanted to be somewhere the nightlife was more consistent.


⤑ How would you compare the crowd in Miami vs the crowd in NY? Can you give us some pros and cons?

This is a hard question, I don’t know why Nick would do this to me. Lol. I love both cities, NY will always be home to me so that energy in the venue will always be strong, but Miami weather helps to keep the party going. It is so nice to not have to worry about shoveling snow before a gig. Haha.


⤑ What can we expect from you in the future? Have anything planned for later in 2020?

The future is always unknown with the situation we are all in right now but I am working on a lot of different projects, just dropped a new track with my boy Bobby Shann from Switzerland called Double Vision which is really dope, just expect a lot of new music coming from me in the future. 


⤑ How have you been handling everything going on due to the coronavirus? How do you think this is going to impact the nightlife industry as a whole?

I am handling this situation to the best of my abilities. I am always working from home but it does make it difficult when I want to be out gaining inspiration. Due to clubs and venues being closed it has definitely impacted my workload and the industry as a whole,  but I am blessed with good health as well as my family and friends, which is very important during this time. Just hoping everyone else is also staying safe, strong, healthy, and positive. As far as nightlife being impacted, I am interested to see how this whole thing plays out. I feel like the “underground” scene is going to pop up a little bit more, since no one is sure when the larger venues will be able to open again. I know some friends of mine are waiting for the right time to start throwing parties.   

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